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Thailand offers an excellent economical solution for both location shooting and post-production. We offer a full range of production services using local and international crews to suit our clients needs.

Our Production Services

*Script breakdown into Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling 

*Preliminary research and location scouting

*Script translation and project advice on shooting in Thailand

*Thai Film Board application and government liaison

*Work permit application and processing

*Shooting permit negotiation and location management

*Accommodation and transportation

*Full local crew support and shoot co-ordination and supervision

*Art direction and set design 

*Catering and craft service management

*Full production logistics planning and post-production supervision

*Transparent accounting and full documentation requirements

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Our clients include: Fox Networks Group (Singapore), Wanda Media (China), Channel 10 (Israel), Castaway Productions (UK), GMA Network Inc. (Philippines), MTV Networks (Singapore), Unison Films (US), Radiate Entertainment (Aus), Infinity Features (Canada), Millennium Films (US), Freberg Productions (Sweden), Nu Image (US), Recorded Picture Company (UK), BBC Films (UK), ZDF (Germany), Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Thailand).

Starting January 2017, the Thai Government offers up to 20% rebate on foreign productions filming in the Kingdom.

Eligibility Criteria: local spending in Thailand of more than 50 million Thai Baht (approximately US$1.4 million), which must be spent in Thailand on Thai registered businesses and other Thai services and individuals. TV commercials are not eligible for this incentive program.


Incentive Measures:

Main Incentive : 15% Based on above eligibility criteria

Additional Incentives : 3% Hire of Thai Key personnel
: 2% Promotion of Thai Tourism

Maximum rebate available to incentive measures per project 75 million Thai Baht (approximately US$2.17 million).

Contact us now with your project details to see if we can be of service to your production.

Email: Tel. +66 89 122 2292

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