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Tom Waller, founder and owner of De Warrenne Pictures, has been working as a film and television producer in Thailand for more than 21 years, producing several movies for US studio Millennium Films, as well as servicing clients from Europe on award-winning feature films shooting on location in the Kingdom. Tom still administers and manages the Company, which provides production services in Thailand on these international shoots, as well as playing a pivotal role in managing production and location shooting. A graduate of the Northern Film School in Leeds, England, he has specialized in providing the link between East and West by having dual nationality and excellent ties with the Thailand Film Office, the authority for providing filming permission in the Kingdom. 



Somboon or 'Tok' as he is known, is our resident in-house Production Executive, handling everything from client liaison to location scouting and research. He is a versatile and key member of our team, having worked on all our productions since the Company was established in Thailand in 2004. (Based Bangkok)




Katy was born and educated in Bangkok, Thailand and has been working in the film and TV industry for over 18 years as a model, actress, musician, presenter and producer. Recently she produced the first season of the TV reality show THE COMEDIAN THAILAND, which aired on Thai TV Channel 7 and True Visions Reality Channel. In 2015 she won the Best Screenplay "Tukkata Tong" or Golden Doll award for co-writing the screenplay of Tom Waller's THE LAST EXECUTIONER. Katy also co-wrote the Story for THE CAVE (2019), along with Don Linder and Tom Waller. 


Anya trained as a professional nurse before getting involved in film production with the Company in 2008 on the filming of BITTER/SWEET. She has become a dedicated and key member of our team. In 2014 she worked on THE LAST EXECUTIONER as well as heading up the Thai production team on Wanda Media's BATTLE OF MEMORIES filmed in Thailand in 2016. In 2022, she took on the role of Line Producer on KISS OF THE CON QUEEN, filmed in 5 countries worldwide. Between film projects, she is now a freelance Producer of TVCs as well. 



Michael Pritchett was educated at Cambridge University and went on to occupy management positions in the Financial Times Group and at the head office of Pearson plc, a FTSE100 media company and one of the UK’s largest international media organisations.

He has been Producer or Executive Producer of three distributed feature films, two of which have won multiple awards.

As well as being associated with De Warrenne Pictures Ltd., Pritchett has also been non-executive chairman of an AIM listed film company and participated and advised on the financing of over $150m of films.

He currently serves on the BAFTA Council. (Based London)


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